Marseille, je t’aime


My visit to Marseille was an inspiring exploration of the Mediterranean coastline. Cities have their own flavours- and Marseille tasted like the melting pot of vibrance and culture.

Anyone who knows me/wants to know me must be aware of my love for the French. Well this is a culture who has inspired me to learn a new language. The few months that i lived in the country has been a source to remain as connected, and i look forward to going back someday. There are cities and towns and quartiers and rues that i have loved in La France, but Marseille remains among the top few places. Whether it was Le Cours Julien or Le Panier; the buildings in Old Town or that damned unending staircase outside the station, i truly love parts of the city that i had seen.

I truly believe the city remains underrated for its display of awe-inspiring architecture and thriving social diversity; and Marseille is somewhere i’d go back to  without a second thought.

I am sharing with you some of the pictures i took on my iPhone, and i leave the text and description of my walk through the city as i have published this work on a beautiful bi-monthly travel magazine that offers destinations for Indians heading outside, titled “India Outbound”.

This happens to be my first ever published article on a travel magazine, and there is another article on the same magazine where i have spoken about the Flea Markets of Paris. Well my article made it to the cover, titled “Walking through Marseille-A sea side adventure” which can be read online, please have a look if you want!

As for the images, here are some of my favourites from the city. Scroll over to see the little descriptions.




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