hello from City Palace, Udaipur!


after the hiatus of 2 months i have taken to be writing here is a pleasure indeed. i wish to share with my readers a glimpse into the luxurious glorious palace, one of many, called the City Palace or Lake view palace in Udaipur. The city of lakes that this magical city is known to many as is perhaps best understood through experience.

My visit was for official purposes, as i began writing elsewhere. Even with all the bustle of tourists around the palace, i managed to click a few pictures i’d like to call my own. Granted, not too unique on account of the foot signature (as someone i recently met calls it), these pictures are taken on different floors of the palace, on top of intricate mandalas- representation of the soul, macrocosm and microcosm of the universe.

I promise to be regular henceforth, and more on Udaipur soon.

For now, some images with my converse that are perhaps 6 years old. I remember saving up for months to buy them, as they had a red anarchy sign spray painted on them. Love these shoes to death!





Love love love



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