Flowers in the hills

There’s nothing more beautiful than abundantly blooming fleurs growing on the hills,on a bright day with a slight chill in the air. While travelling in Kalimpomg and Darjeeling, two hills stations in West Bengal, India,I saw, among many other things, vibrant colourful flowers. The pictures are of my favourites, although I must admit it is quite difficult to pick favourites so perhaps just those that seem to be, right at this moment. Each and every flower has its own character, vibe, scent, purpose and function. Perhaps the form that lends most beauty to nature, flowers can help transform the entire energy of a space. Some are medicinal, some edible, some existing solely for the purpose of creating and perpetuating the beauty of nature. I miss coming across them in such abundance while living in the city.Maybe someone could help identify the names!
We Need some Flower Power all around.
Love and Light.


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