tracing back the Amsterdam Light Festival,2015

Friendship was the theme at the Amsterdam Light Festival, 2015. Surely an important form of relationship for each and every one of us; vital for some of us; fundamental to the existence of some; friendship was very beautifully represented in its various shapes and forms and colors and expressions. I was in the city for a couple of days around the time of this fête, couchsurfing (for the uninitiated, a community of beautiful traveling souls hosting/guiding each other) with an extremely interesting artist. We walked around the city one night, on the trail of the artworks. Needless to say, it was an incredible experience to see such a unique display of creativity across various locations; and i found myself especially mesmerized by the works displayed on water, in the canals that flow through Amsterdam.
Below are pictures of some of this my favorites, in no particular order! All taken in my iPhone 5c and unedited. Apologies for haziness!

File_007 (1)
Friendala/Macarena Meza & Daniela Orellana/Chile
Bands of Friendship/Vikas Patil & Santosh Gujar/India

File_008 (1)

Winged Migration/Judith Hofland & Tessel Schmidt/The Netherlands


Love and Light to everyone of you!

P.S. All of June i’ve been living in an ashram which is why i didn’t post. I am now a certified Yoga teacher 😀


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