Maddening Beauty/Sagrada Família 

Barcelona, the heart of Catalunya, has breathtakingly beautiful architecture. 

It’s a surreal, psychedelic wonderland for art and architecture alike, an important contributor to which is Antonio Gaudí. If you have the chance, you MUST visit Sagrada Família and Casa Battlo ( something which I’ll write about later). Visit with an audio guide; it’s worth the 20 odd Euros spent. You will feel the presence of something greater than yourself, the power of beauty and colours and curves and pillars perhaps dizzying to some effect and a lot to grasp at the first view. This church is still being constructed and every visitor helps in reaching the realisation of the perfect vision Gaudí had for this spectacular piece of art. Don’t miss the chance to play a part in something as divine and beautiful such as this.

P.S. All my pictures are completely unedited here and taken on an iPhone 5. Just imagine how it is in the real!



3 thoughts on “Maddening Beauty/Sagrada Família 

  1. I am so in the mood to visit Spain to capture some photos myself. The other day, I went to a famous heritage site only to learn that a new rule was in place. Tourists are not allowed to take photos indoors. It was shocking, as I’d travelled a long way. You’re very lucky you had a chance to visit and experience La Sagrada Familia for yourself. xo

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    1. I do feel very lucky to have visited this place. I don’t know about the place you visited, but I’ve seen such places too, mostly I think it’s to do with flash photography and how it effects murals/painted places. It is disappointing but the memory of the experience of the visit itself is an aspect that must be cherished ☺️

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