Transported to a tranquil universe

If you find yourself looking for a quiet beach to head to in West Bengal, India, Henry Island is somewhere I would recommend.

I had visited this beach once earlier but only for a few hours. This time I visited with a friend for a weekend, spent my time being lazy and reading some Camus, and walked around bare feet trying to avoid the cute red crabs that are filled in the beach. This beach, very close to Bakkhali, has a very surreal ambience, the short walk to the beach ,from the last point till where you can drive/be driven upto(the watchtower), is through a forest/swamp of sorts and then you are tress lined in front oh you and one part where they form a semicircular gate; inside, you would find a few visitors but mostly they leave soon and you find yourself in this incredibly beautiful place by yourself.

The closest train station to the beach is Namkhana(if you’re taking a train from Kolkata ),after which you take a ferry to cross the river; on the othe side, a short ride to the bus station and then a bus takes you to the destination. There are direct buses from Kolkata to Bakkhali which can be availed to arrive there but I recommend breaking the journey at Namkhana,even if you are taking a bus.img_4205

Taking public transport requires patience on your part: you must be ready to arrive later than expected and also be willing to lose your sense of time and self on this journey. But it is a small sacrifice and is only part of the experience of travelling to this calm, beautiful beach.

(Ferry in picture)





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